Hope Rising

  • A Child’s Goodbye

    August 7, 2020 by

    *****trigger warning***** *suicide, depression, abuse, & self-harm are mentioned* My daddy hit me todayHe threw me in the closet.I don’t know what I did wrongI just wish that he would love meHe says I’m just a worthless kida weird and bad mistakeand that life would be much betterIf I wouldn’t be around. I look for… Read more

  • Nonresistance: Part 4 – the military

    July 31, 2020 by

    I decided a discussion of the army would be the next installment of this series, in honor of Memorial Day and July 4th celebrations during the summer months. After all, a serious consideration of nonresistance absolutely has to include a special look at this particular aspect, am I right? I have long found the military… Read more

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